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Man & Kid
Swimming Trunk Factory

We specialise in the creation of swimwear both for men and children by using fabrics of the highest quality.

Manufactured in Spain.

Mejor lo Creamos

En la diferencia está la clave del éxito. Por eso creamos piezas exclusivas, pensadas y diseñadas únicamente para nuestros clientes.

¿Why Choose Us?

Passion, dedication and effort for all what we do.

We can develop both patterns and fabrics from an initial design in a way that our client can offer a totally exclusive product which is different from the competition.

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We use a wide range of fabrics and materials for an exclusive manufacturing according to our client requirements

patronaje y diseño


We creat garments from scratch, always with the right pattern and an exclusive design in order to provide an original product

fabricacion propia


Handcrafted creation with each of our designs in our facilities

Our Values

Passion and hard work are the keys to success

Passion and dedication

This is our third generation dedicating its passion, time and effort for the highest quality swimwear manufacturing


We work with the best fabrics and machinery on the market


We are a Company with more than 65 years of experience manufacturing men swimwear

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